The Importance of Making New Years Resolutions

So 2012 is less than a week away and people everywhere are preparing for it in their own way. Some are trying to set themselves up for a memorable New Years Kiss and/or event, others are already loading up on different types of alcohol in order to drink the memories of 2011 away, and there’s probably a good number of others who are starting to stock up on bottles of water and canned foods in order to prepare for the predicted 2012 apocalypse.

But how many people are making New Years Resolutions?

Granted, resolutions have lost most of their appeal over the years, especially since nobody seems to ever keep them. We all know the gym is never as packed throughout the year as it is during the first 3 months of a new year. People vow to lose weight and only seem to get fatter. Certain events that are vowed to be accomplished never see the light of day and so on and so forth.

Oh and let’s not forget those people who use this time of year to show their true colors and hate on everybody else’s ambitions. You know the ones who will update their FB status or Tweet the following:

“Don’t talk about next year is going to be YOUR year. You’ll probably end up doing the exact same thing you did last year. Nothing.”

What kind of “friend” says that? Like how settled into mediocrity do you have to be to publicly display your displeasure with people who aspire to do something different with their lives in the upcoming year? I’ve said before that I like to be around people who are goal oriented and success driven because it’s encouraging and inspiring to watch. I never heard of a success story that didn’t begin with some sort of a plan or goal.

With that being said I wrote this post to share with you all how I look at resolutions and how that outlook helps me accomplish at least half of them each year. People tend to make the mistake of looking at resolutions as things they’d like to do or want to do in this coming year. But what about looking at them as a year long checklist? Why does it have to be something you’d like to do? Why not work so hard to put yourself in a position to achieve that goal that the only thing that could possibly stop you are factors outside of your control? That’s how I approach them.

Now of course not every single one gets accomplished, usually due to factors outside of my control but most of them do. For the past two years of thinking this way I’ve actually accomplished at least half of my resolutions by the time the next year rolls around. This year I’m shooting for 3/4ths of my list but we’ll see what happens.

I’m not trying to turn myself into some sort of motivational speaker through my blog but I am one of those people who looks at new years as a chance to start fresh. To put the mistakes of the past year behind and use the gained wisdom to move forward. So if you really want to get some things accomplished in this next year(especially since the world is “ending”) then sit down, grab a paper and pen and start planning your next moves for the year.

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I am but a man trying to get my hustle on...But seriously I am an aspiring actor who loves to make music and loves to write. Therefore I rap and I blog.

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